Cancellation of an Application
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This application allows you to request a cancellation of a previously submitted natural resource application. A cancellation is only possible if a decision on your application has not been made yet and the authorization has not been issued or denied. If a fee was paid for your original application, then you may be subject to the relevant fee refund policy applicable to that authorization.

Checklist of required information

You will require the following information to fill out the application:
  • Information that helps us to identify the application you would like to cancel. For example: the type of application, the tracking number, file number, project number, and/or the approximate time that the application was submitted.
  • The reason for cancellation.

Applying without a BCeID means that if you leave your computer for a long time without submitting your application, all information you have entered will be lost. There is no way to stop and then continue later unless you sign in with a BCeID.
What is a BCeID? Why should I get one?
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