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Notice of Work - Mineral, Coal, Placer, Quarry or Aggregate


· Use this application for both New and Amendment Notices of Work.  

·        Please review the Mineral and Coal Exploration Notice of Work Application Companion and the Notice of Work Authorization Guidance page for an overview of the application and its information requirements.

·        As of November 30th, 2021 a Basic, Personal, or Business BCeID is required for entering Notice of Work applications. Please
       visit for more information on registering for a BCeID.

·        Once you have a BCeID you can link it with your mine! Visit and signup for access to MineSpace today!

About the Online Application:

  • Recommended minimum network requirements are 5.0Mbps (up/down) while entering and uploading documents for your application.
  • If you already have a BCeID make sure your contact information is up to date by reviewing your 'My Profile' in your vFCBC Application Dashboard
  • A Red Asterisk  indicates a mandatory field however, most do not require immediate entry to move forward in the application.  You will be required to fill in the mandatory fields before submission.
  • Use the Review Application button to generate a list of the missing mandatory fields that you must go back to.
  • Use the Save Application button frequently to ensure you don’t lose information.
  • Please note, after you have submitted your application you will have an opportunity to take our Post-Application survey. Your compliments, comments, suggestions and criticisms will help us serve you better.

Recommended browsers for this application: Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari If you are experiencing issues, ensure you are using the latest version of your browser and if issues persist, try a different browser.
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