Change Approval and Notification (Changes In and About a Stream)
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Changes In and About a Stream Application

About the Online Application

  • A Red Asterisk  * indicates a mandatory field however, most do not require immediate entry to move forward in the application.  You will be required to fill in the mandatory fields before submission.
  • Use the Review Application button to generate a list of the missing mandatory fields that you must go back to.
  • If you used a BCeID to sign in, use the Save Application button frequently to ensure you don’t lose information.
Start your application

Please select one of the options below to start your application.

Recommended browsers for this application: Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari If you are experiencing issues, ensure you are using the latest version of your browser and if issues persist, try a different browser.
Applying without a BCeID means that if you leave your computer for a long time without submitting your application, all information you have entered will be lost. There is no way to stop and then continue later unless you sign in with a BCeID.
What is a BCeID? Why should I get one?
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